J. Hannah

Nail Polish - Carob


Carob from J. Hannah. A rich coffee shade for the one who loves the darker side to nails. Smooth bittersweet chocolate. Liberally apply two coats of carob for a glossy & gorgeous fresh nail finish.



- Carob Colour 

- Designed by J.Hannah 

- Non-toxic, cruelty-free nail polish

- Made in the U.S.A.


About The Designer 

J.Hannah is a Los Angeles based designer with a line of carefully-edited, high quality polishes for the color-resistant. Polishes that consider the gracefulness of hands, and the role of subtle color as an element in the considered wardrobe. J. Hannah's colours are Inspired by artists’ palettes, natural elements, and the muses who we envision channeling specific colors or moods.

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