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One Of A Kind Australian Opal Ring #1 - 9ct Gold


 One of a kind (just like you, baby). We come from a land down under where buried deep beneath that hot, red earth lie some truly magical gemstones. (We're talking about opals). 

So, we found some particularly sexy opals and have created some one-off pieces for one-off babes. 

This is Opal Ring #1. An Australian boulder opal bezel set on a fine ring in solid 9ct gold. 

Opals are precious creatures and there is only one of this ring, so we can only resize it a few sizes from its original size. If you can't see your size on the list and you would like a unique opal ring, email us at and we can show you what other opals are available and make a unique ring for you. 



- Solid 9ct gold

- 1.2mm round wire band

- One Australian boulder opal set in a 9ct gold bezel

- Opal is an asymmetrical, organic triangular shape

- This opal has green, brown and red colours 

- Opals are unique! The colours, texture and inclusions are all natural and it will look different from every angle. While we do our best to capture these elements in the photos, keep in mind that it may look a little different, IRL.

- Made with love in our James Street studio in Brisbane


Always treat your fine jewellery with lots of love and care. All By Baby jewellery is created with great care and skill, so your ring can last a lifetime if you treat it right. You can wear your ring every day and night. Remember that your fingers shrink in cold water and climates. So be careful that it doesn't slip off! We advise that you don't wear your ring at the gym or while doing any strenuous work.

Opals are softer than other gemstones and are highly porous, so be gentle with her. And, avoid putting hand creams and perfumes or any chemicals on or near your opal as this may cause damage to stone.

You can spruce up your ring by polishing it with a clean, lint free cloth such as a lens cloth. Lens cloths are also great for gently polishing the gemstone and metal.

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